I'm honestly excited about California more and more each day. My mom keeps bringing me to different stores (walmart/target/ikea) and i am becoming obsessed with apartment decorating shopping. I found this awesome wooden Vegas painting at Target. I feel like that store has become my drug of choice, along with online window shopping and Hello Kitty. I could go at almost any time and find something I rarely need, but always want. I'm contemplating going back once a day to see if the painting is still on the shelves or has gone down a bit in price.

My basic to-do list for this month includes:
- Finish my loan for school (or good luck moving for no reason)
- Work 40-50 hours each week
- Copy an abundance of movies, courtesy of our new stylist at the salon "Smith"
- Apartment search, apartment search, apartment search (not a problem since I regular look for hours a day)
- Possible roommates? no luck yet.

I don't think I truly realized how much money it is to live in Orange County... or I at least hoped it was a joke. For now my non-stop hours at the salon & restaurant have put more ease on my situation but I'm sure within a few months my hard works money will surely deplete. The weather change will definitely make my choice to move reassuring.

For now, I'll enjoy highs of 50's and prepare for my move.


At March 24, 2009 at 8:08 PM , Blogger Jill said...

stephanie!!! i'm excited for you to move to cali so i can have an excuse to visit. i mean, chicago is okay and all, but way too cold. it's been in the 80s here since feb. you'll love the warm weather and never move back to the cold.

and j'adore target. pier 1 and pottery barn (on clearance obvs) are also my drugs of choice.

keep blogging, i love it!


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