I became bored with this silly device of connection to people. I've been busy, it's not worth the update. I've been living such a great chapter of my life recently. I'm excited about school again (even tho I write this during a rather boring theory class), and I am in love, I couldn't have better friends, and I am in the process of getting a new job and getting back on track. I have so much to look forward to in the coming months that I plan to keep myself on top of things. I applied at El Ranchito yesterday. The held open interviews but I have an "in" because my friend, lindsay, works there. Even Jesse applied too, to get a second job to save up for our trip. We're going on a roadtrip. This was a drunk idea turned good idea within a few minutes. I am NOT someone that finds myself wanting to explore and just pick up and leave for a few months. It's crazy, and i'm scared not only for the fact that I am away from my best friend, but also the "close quarters" Jesse and I will be living in (aka my car/tent). It will be our test to see if we can survive this witout literally killing each other. He is the one person, however, that I do think I can get through this with. We still have a LOT of planning to do, but I look forward to this with so much excitement!

This evening, I will be making my way to a local happy hour wit Nikki and maybe a few other friends. It is Friday and since I don't have to work, I plan to celebrate. I passed my second stateboard written exam. We have to pass two in order to graduate, and since it won't be August until I graduate, I finished in quite a fast amount of time. Also,I am trying to plan my birthday. 2 Weeks from Sunday, I will be 23. I know I will be celebrating with mother's all over the country, and thanking God that i'm only celebrating my age (haha), but I can't wait. Birthdays are so important to me, I can't believe i've almost lived here an entire year. This year is a celebration of the strong person I have become and all of the amazing adventures i've experienced and the one's that are to come. 


Caper 2010

I've never experienced anything like I had at Caper this year. This event was a present to me for Christmas (thank you mom & dad) and I could not have been more blessed to go. Kendra was able to go as well with me, so we knew that we'd have an amazing time! I cant even begin to explain how amazing it was.

Day one was full of waiting for our room, cracking "hangover" jokes with Caesar's Place employee's, and nothing but fun. Our room was INSANE... I think I could have done 10 cartwheels in a row across our room. Seriously HOOKED UP, thank you Caesar's! Every time I've gone to Vegas, it has been a little bit of trouble, in a good way. Last time I was on a secret adventure to visit Kayla with a broken air conditioner. This time we had a full free day, and we took extreme advantage of it. Drank our weight in vodka/jack starting in the afternoon and found ourselves at Diablo's enjoying pitchers of margaritas later that night. It was the first time that all of us were able to go out and an amazing start to our week o fun. I absolutely love those girls.

Day 2 was more inspirational than ever. We went to our "Kick off to Caper" event. Seeing the platform artist of JPMS put on a show for us with amazing updo's and cut's. I kind of teared up, which sounds wussy and all, but this is what it's all about. I'm so extremely passionate about this business and seeing them being so successful with 2000 future professionals screaming for them, was enough for me to see myself doing the same thing some day. We had Dean Banowitz speak, which is kind of cool because I've worked with him before in LA for his "Instyler". His assistant remembered me from our video shoot and asked me to keep in touch with her to work with them in the future. I never even realized how far this school will bring me in this business, and I can't wait to see what happens once I graduate. We had a comedian for the second half of the day, and it was hilarious. She had us call someone that we love, to tell them, because we need to realize what is important at the end of the day, and it's the love we have for people in our lives. To say the least, there wasn't a dry eye.

That evening was the White Party for all of us. It was so great to talk with my Mentors and dance with our personal DJ. There were vanilla shakes, chocolate fountains, and baked goodies all around the dance floor. SOOO delicious, Paul Mitchell sure knows how to throw a party! We were able to take pictures with "the stars of hair" and pimp our talents out. That was also the night that I started getting sick :(

Day 3 was full of class after class after class, starting at 7am. After being sick all night, I tried to be as excited as possible. As soon as we went into class, my whole day changed. I can't even explain how great each class was. Hands On experience with the best of the best teachers! SERIOUSLY?! sooo amazing. It made me feel even more excited about being a hairdresser and working on my craft. It was a long day with a 4 hours bus ride home! In-n-Out made it better of course and after writing about how fun this trip was, I AM EXHAUSTED.

Recently I found out I wont be graduating until mid-July. It's a total bust knowing that I still have 4.5 months left of school because of missing a few days and taking my leave over Christmas. I'm definitely ready to be done already, but I'll just have a little more time i suppose. Today, my roomies and I went and got boxes for moving this weekend and packed our kitchen and living room. Tomorrow or Tuesday I will be starting my disaster of a room... not looking forward to that, but definitely looking forward to moving this weekend!

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i am an extreme procrastinator, or the fact that I am working and going to school AND trying to fit a social life in there some where! Tonight, I am in bed after eating take out from my job and watching LA Ink, instead of partying like a normal Saturday. I'm alright with a night off because I'm just getting sick AGAIN. It is a never ending cycle... I'm already aware.

Since it's been a while, I will briefly update:
- I'm feeling sooo comfortable at school. My friends and co-workers are making there way into the school to get their hair done, and I'm doing such a great job! I honestly can say that I am feeling SO much more comfortable with a pair of shears in my hand.
- I am still having an amazing time with Jesse. It's nice to have someone that enjoys just laying around on a Sunday afternoon and watching Arrested Development (I'm HOOKED) or nothing at all. We went on a date last Wednesday, to watch Book of Eli and have a couple beers before. It was an EXTREMELY late movie, I found myself dozing off every so often, but over all, great movie. We just have an extreme amount of fun together, we're trying to find time to go camping or just enjoy the beach. We'll probably end up in the back of his truck with blankets and pillows, parked in the parking lot, because we never have a completely free night!
- Kendra, Christine & I are still looking for places... we're going down to the wire. We have barely 2 weeks. Gotta get on that! The one that we've found so far, we're hoping for it. I get there master bedroom (woop woop) so there is no complaining there!

This past week, I was fortunate enough to go to Caper for PMTS. It was more than I could even explain or expect. There will be an entire post dedicated to this, probably tomorrow. I met every mentor I have and have made more connections with them than ever. There was a white party and the most extreme hands-on classes I could ever expect. I am so inspired and can not wait to get back to school on Monday! Time for bed, g'night...


I have gone in to my first sickness of 2010. It may have to do with Karma (I promise I wont kiss him again... ok maybe no promises!) but I could only imagine that I'd be sick after this crazy weather. We've had basically Hurricane Katrina and Monsoon City all around Orange County. It is crazy, and normally I'd be all excited for rain, one of my FAVORITE things ever. Right about now, I'm biting my tongue. The past two day's have been so hard to get to school. Today I took the day off of school and work, and I am stuck in my bed eating Fruity Pebbles and overloading on Dayquil, Super B-Complex, Multivitamins, and H2O. I stopped by the store today to pick up all of those because Jesse told me it would probably make me feel better, plus stop me from getting sick again and keep my immune system healthy. He's all about the "vitamins".

Yesterday I went with Kendra to visit her parents condo. We had ribs and mashed potatoes and played Scategories. I also got a text from Jesse asking if I was home... little did I know, he was bring me chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl and vitamins to make me feel better. SERIOUSLY? How did I get so lucky. Once I was home and had my soup and watched a little tv, Jesse came by just to see how I was feeling and watched "Knocked Up" with me. Super awesome guy, I hope I feel better by the time we go hiking tomorrow.

Tonight I will be taking it easy, even though it is a Friday. I'm sure Kendra will want to go out, and I'd LOVE to, but my body will hate me tomorrow if I do. Movies & hot coco for me tonight might be my remedy!

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I always go on kicks of writing in my blog until I overwork myself with school and work. It has been FOREVER since I've been on here. I hate that, because then I try to go through my week and remember what happened. Last week I worked 6 days... I seriously NEVER want to do that again. Although I did happen to save enough money for rent last week! Maybe I'll just suck it up every once in a while! Kendra and I have also been able to balance our work life and "fun" life. We have no officially made friends with EVERYONE at Killarney's. Even the girls that didn't like Kendra because she is pretty and their boyfriends watch. It's nice to have a friend like her, when I am with her, I feel better. She is a genuine friend and I feel like whenever I would need her, she would be here with me. And of course, VIS VERSA! It's nice being so far away from home, and be able to have another best friend "added to my wolfpack" haha.

We've been looking for places like CRAZY. Kendra, Christine, and I are moving out March 1st. It is so exciting and I honestly can NOT wait. I know that locks me into Orange County for another year, but so far I'm enjoying myself here. It is so difficult though, we want to put a deposit down on a place soon, but financially it is impossible. I have been more responsible with my money since I was forced to grow up in college. I worked and went to school, and lived off pay check to pay check. I would even skip my last few classes during the end of the month, just to pick up shifts so I could live in my apartment. Sad I know, but it taught me to prioritize and save money when I can. With Caper coming up in less than 3 weeks, I want to enjoy my time there and not have to worry about what I can and can't do while I'm there. I will figure out our deposit another time!

I saw Bud the day before he went back to Colorado. It was a surprise to say the least that I would see him, let alone want to see him. It sounds dramatic, and for a while it may have been, but I've been trying to let any bad feelings go. Majority of my friends think I'm an idiot, even some of my family, but I know what is right for myself. Once I saw him, I felt how I use to, and maybe he'll always have that over me, but it was nice to see him. He then told me he's back into town the 25th of this month. 5 DAYS?! Well that isn't much time to get my priorities in order, and even just a month ago I would have been so excited. I can't decide what I am, but I know that either way, we're always going to be in each other's life. He's helped me a lot when I've needed it and vis versa. I'd like to think that, this alone would be enough reason to be life long friends. I'll enjoy my time until there isn't anymore...

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As a sister, I have a duty to my siblings. I luckily have two younger, very great brothers. Even though they may not look up to me (since I'm officially shorter than both of them), I still assume that they will take my advice. I am someone who would like to think I have a couple of life's notches under my belt, and I plan to share them with my brother's, in order for them to learn from not only their own mistakes but mine as well. Relationships haven't always been my strong point. I am much more of a "give great advice to others, but have trouble taking my own" kind of person. With that being said, I still love every experience I've had in that department, because it is kind of fun to just fly by the seat of your pants and fall head over heels, or find yourself curled in a ball after a break up. High's and Low's are apart of life, and now that I am "wise" (haha just kidding), I find that I can enjoy every aspect of relationships. So when I talk with my brother's about relationships, I hope they at least listen and take my advice as not only a sister, but someone that is looking for their happiness for them.

Both of my brother's have maybe not chosen the best girls yet. A couple of them weren't bad, and not that these girls are terrible people either. I just think they are not good enough for my brothers and really not good for a relationship with either of them. I know that its typical for a sister to believe that NO ONE is good enough, but I truly believe when I see my brothers with someone that treats them right, and he loves and vis versa, I will be nothing but happy. That being said, my oldest younger brother is traveling to Florence in the Fall to study abroad. It is something I always wished I would have done if I would have stuck with school. It is going to be such a great time. I think when studying abroad (at least what I've heard from friends who have) you really have an opportunity to find yourself. You are in a new country, with different types of people, and new surroundings, and just allow yourself to take everything in.. and be selfish. If there is ever a time to be selfish, it is in your twenties, or before you have to have a real job. Right now, I'm enjoying being selfish and hanging out with my friends and enjoying all of the people I meet.. I would love my brothers to do the same.

His on and off again girlfriend will ALSO be traveling to Florence around that time. I don't have words for what I feel about this. It left me speechless at first when I found out. "We just so happen to be going at the same time..." my brother said. My anger towards this poorly covered situation is at it's highest level. When my brother came to visit over Christmas break, we talked.. A LOT. From conversing we were able to help each other... and I was pretty sure he had decided that she wasn't good for him. No, not even pretty sure. Definitely sure. I consider it a situation like this; a battered woman who wont leave their man, or a comfortable situation that you can't get away from. I will leave it at that, a situation that is based on not knowing how to get out, and I hope eventually, when possible, he will leave.

Side note: Last night was the first time I was called "Jesse's girl" at Killarney's. Although I eventually knew that it would spread like a wildfire (everyone knows EVERYONE there), when I'm walking into a bar, I usually never expect an 80's song to be sang to me by a large bearded guy. Rocked the vocals though...

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Inevitably, I have found myself slacking. So while I slack, I'll blog :)

Bud has been in town since the Sunday after Christmas. I have seen him for a total of 10 minutes, outside of a bar, right after the ball dropped on NYE. Since then, I have given myself a chance to realize a few things:
(1) I deserve better
(2) I deserve better (just in case I didn't make it clear before)
(3) Regardless of what I "deserve", I find myself looking for some sort of closure
(4) Men are boys until proven otherwise

I think I would feel at least 70% better if I knew that he felt bad that his priorities were out of order. Or even if he apologized for me being upset with him. I know that the relationships I have with people are far more important to me than anything. Even though it took me a while to see that, I have made my priorities right. When you die, you can't take anything with you. No money, no success, no materials... only the relationships you've made and your mark on the world. For someone who is quite the minimalist, he sure isn't worried about how he is treating me. I personally think its BS. Kendra said he's not allowed in our house ever again. Jeff said he would consider disowning me if I allowed myself to see him and have the feelings rush back into my body. My brother thought he was a joke, especially after spending MANY nights together being able to talk about everything.

Personally, I do care what the people in my life think. But I also know that they don't know him like I do. That being said, I am torn between what I think is right, and what I actually want to do. The funny part in that, is that I think it's right for me to see him to get closure, but I actually would rather NOT see him. weird.

Although it is still personal, I want to send my prayers to Sarah & David. I love them, and they have been a second family to me, especially when I've needed it. I will be here for them during tough and easy times :)

K & I are going to have a boyless weekend... where we make bad decisions but always have each other's back regardless. I look forward to this... and am excited in anticipation. I feel like I need to make a run to Bev Mo, just to be prepared. Instead I will visit CosmoProf to spend some of my gift card from Santa (thank you!) and Ulta. A girl can never have too many things... especially things to make you feel beautiful.

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