I have no idea how i woke up today. I constantly read/facebook/TV for HOURS before I go to bed. The idea of having a TV in my room is magical, minus the "can't go to sleep without it" problem. The house rule has always been no TV in your room, ever. It has recently been, no TV in your room until you are 21. It just so happened this rule occured around the time i turned 21 (lucky me). I think last night I went to my room around 10:30pm right after work, yet found myself still self-indulging in "facebook-stalking" random people I barely remember from high school until about 3am.

I think this whole giving up soda & desserts for lent has kept me with a boost of energy regardless of the time. I mean I've also tried to conquer my hatred for working out by almost forcing it every morning... and doing Wii Fit. I think it's probably one of the most rediculous things I've ever bought considering my parents have a gym in the basement. If that wasn't going to work, I have no idea how this has!

Anyways, just this week I will work like 52 hours between my jobs. I don't know how I'll ever fit in the oh so important weekly reality tv shows I feed off of. Or finishing this awesome book I borrowed from a friend. It's called The Host and it's by the same author as the Twilight phenomenon. Now I will say I have been just as obsessed with that set of books as the 12 year old neighbor kids but this one is just as good but more geared towards "adults". Random fact: I just today found out, the author is morman and will not put a sex scene in the books unless they are married.. oh the morman's.

I can't wait for the end of the week. I go visit Chris again, and even though it's for like a day and a half, the 6 hour round trip is totally worth it.

I will enjoy the time away from reality.

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At March 26, 2009 at 9:32 PM , Blogger Jill said...

i turn into a pre-pubescent adolescent every time i see twilight books anywhere. i haven't read the host because i hadn't heard anything about it, but now i'm all over it.

as long as it has a character as sexy and delightful as edward. because that boy kept me motivated to keep reading.

omg look at me, chatting away about a fictional character. ugh, don't repeat this.

oh and ps, i am awful at working out. i hate the gym. but i started going to power yoga a few weeks ago and adore it. you should give it a shot!


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