I have contemplated this terrible truth that has just come to me... although California will be one of the best things to ever happen to me, (including Chris & my new found need to work out ((YAY ME)) ) I am pretty sure the "water waster" in me will hate the fact I wont be able to take a bath every night. The Californian's try so hard to conserve water, I'm going to look like I'm killing our planet even more than I already am. I mean I constantly keep my sink water running to brush my teeth, definitely take a bath every night (other than the nights I am even too tired to relax, or my fear of drowning due to lack of sleep) and many times find myself running my shower in the morning and not getting in. I think its my way of waking up without actually having to get ready, especially on one of my few days off.

I'm sure I will eventually become accustomed to it but it definitely got me thinking on what other things will I have to change in order to become a true Californian? I'm sure the list includes, but is not limited to: learning how to drive on the crazy freeways, some how becoming more stylish than I'm used to, fitting "killer wave" and "dude" into my day-to-day language, live through my first earthquake & LA club, definitely try different things like new food & skim boarding, etc etc.

The list clearly goes on, but I'm out for now.

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