I am t-minus 2 days away from sunshine. I leave Sunday for OC just for the week, almost like a vacation compared to my normal day-to-day life. My dad will be coming too for business but he'll come to town on Wednesday. I plan on making the most of the extra nice weather (above 80 every day & sunny.. well partly cloudy one day, wink). I figure my whole week will be planned with apartment & job hunting but also include visiting with family, pool lounging, going out to eat on the business card (score), & my cousin's wedding. I'm actually super pumped for the wedding because who doesn't like a good wedding? I'm sure I'll be my typical self, saying how much better my wedding will be. Obviously in my head, ha. Especially since I'll have a HUGE amount of time before I have to seriously worry about that anyways, but I'm such a "judge-er". Must be apart of my "no one's better than you, stubborn, but worried what people think of you" family jeans.

I also packed most of my things last night/this morning. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who completely over packs. I even set out what I'll probably wear each day, and add about 4-5 more outfits just in case. Am I the only one who takes 2 large suitcases for a 7 day trip? I think that is one of the most high-maitnance issues I have because I would never even be able to take a weekend trip to Iowa City to see Chris without thinking of all the "what if" outfits. What if...

- we go out to dinner but somewhere fancier than usual?
- we go downtown?
- we go for a run?
- we decide to go swimming at the Y?
- its really cold/hot?
- it's absolutely necessary for me to bring 7 pairs of shoes?

the list is endless, and so are my options for this trip. I'm sure even though I am aware of this problem, I'll still need a carry-on for my shoes.

Also, as an update, I'm almost done with The Host by Stephenie Meyer. So far, it is probably one of my top 10 favorite books. I love Jared & even started loving Ian... at least that's what my dreams told me last night.

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