I am getting more excited for California as the day grows near... I only have 18 more days! My dad set up the flight today, so it's official. I'll even be there for Memorial Day so I can hang out with some of my new friends I met at the wedding hopefully! Last week I was in California, which was amazing. My grandparents, aunt, dad & I went and looked at some condo's in OC. It seemed more real every time I went to a new place. This whole year of saving will really help out with the down payment :) We also went to The Paul Mitchell Academy to show my dad how great of a place it is. He's sold on it so far, so I can thank the school for that! Similar to how I was in college, I am already on the hunt for "Paul Mitchell: The School" clothing. I already enjoy window shopping online, now I have a reason to finally purchase some of this stuff. Also from looking online, I have found that me and John Paul have more than our love for hair in common...(me & JP throwing it up)
and he's not drunk. I am an advid "throw up the peace sign because you think your cool" thing. Except John Paul is actually cool. I appreciate that it's almost the perfect school for me, we both love rescuing animals too. Which is like the #1 reason why my mom likes him. And I always thought that he was Paul Mitchell, like just used his middle and last name, but his last name isn't Mitchell. Ha, I guess he started Paul Mitchell with his friend Paul Mitchell, but he died so JP took it over. Confusing.. oh well.

Anyways, I'm super excited for the upcoming times:
1. Savannah & Tisleen come home :)
2. I'm done at Zaidi's Restaurant the 8th (Yippie! I hate that job)
3. My upcoming Birthday & Macarena Tapas (May 9th!)
4. Packing & shipping my car
5. Hearing that I own a place (I hope...)
6. Working out everyday until I move (ha. I wont enjoy that)
7. Last day at the Salon (I will actually miss that)
8. Enjoying my last few days with my friends :)
9. My mom & I flying to Cali!

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