2 quite annoying things occurred to me: the Laker's have decided to give Houston the first game (Idiots) & I am no where close to finding my dream place (let alone ANY place). There is nothing I can do about the Laker's, so its a lost cause if they throw it all away. But I think I've been ultra stressed out recently about moving because everything isn't as perfect as I expected. My mom & I try to make it more fun by going to Ikea, which is my absolute favorite place... well tied with Costco. I can imagine me having a place eventually, but I honestly will not believe it until it happens.

I've been just trying to keep myself busy, so me and my brother, Eric, went to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D. It was super funny, Seth Rogan for sure made the movie. I needed something to make me laugh so hard, and Eric & I did. We thought we were the only people in the theatre, but after a few "shushes" we realized we were not alone. I never realized how expensive 3D movies are though. It was $12.25 for each ticket with the 3D glasses, so we definitely stole the glasses. We had to get our money's worth! Now we're gonna rock them constantly.

I've also made myself go on a semi-strict diet for the next 15 days before I move. I figure I have to be in "pretend shape" before I get there, or at least trick my mind into thinking a salad is as good as a Double Cheeseburger for Mcy D's (yummmm). I've downloaded a large amount of fast paced music to make me keep working out, which sounds like blah right now. Since I don't have any CD's in the house, I went through our 90's cd collection.. found an amazing MTV's Party Funk 1, or something of that nature, and realized how much I loved that CD. I will carry this CD with me on my move to Cali, and when I'm working out I'll be jammin' to "Come & Ride the Train" and "I love you, always forever, near or far, closer together" techno mix. Too much... absolutely too much.

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