i had my first time in LA last night. Ally and I went to Universal Studios City Walk. It was absolutely amazing, they had a store with only socks! And a store with all candy, and everything was made of candy too (I died and went to heaven)! We went to this country bar that had a bull you could ride and we went to win a trip to Vegas. Sadly we didn't win, but regardless we had a great time. We should have taken that loser up on his offer to take us to Vegas, right Ally? It was nice to do something different for a change because I am so used to Huntington or sushi or just hanging around the house. Ally used to work there, and went on the sets of movies all of the time. I wish I had that job, even if it was just for a week.

It was great knowing more about Ally, because we go to school together and I am usually one to keep my work and play separate. She is an amazing person and I see how much of a strong person she is. I think everyone goes through life without people really knowing what some one's gone through. It gave me a whole new prospective on other people and made me more comfortable talking about my life. I'm in the process of writing a post about my personal struggle and I never thought I would ever want to publicly share, especially over a blog. I've already shared with a select few people which made me more determined to voice it. To be real with myself, I feel like maybe it will help others who have kept quiet because of being scared :)

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