fun day for school today. We did make up for Halloween and Scary movies. It was totally legit because I was COMPLETELY grossed out on multiple occasions. I initially wanted a cut on my arm, and after I saw the guy do a demo on a girl, I felt a bit sick. Absolutely realistic. Instead I practiced my bruising techniques since I myself bruise like a peach. I swear I could do absolutely nothing all day long, and have a bruise on my hip the size of a baseball. Anemic much?

This bruise turned out pretty amazing if I do say so myself, and I tried to trick many people into thinking I got beat up today at school. I think I tricked like 1 person, and then I couldn't keep a straight voice (like a straight face.. but over the phone.. same thing) but it was really gnarly.

After I've seen myself the past few days, I realize either my clothes shrink even when I haven't washed them or I get bigger (I'm hoping it's the first one).. either way, my diet starts today. I'm serious this time.. because on normal occasions I shoot the shit when I say I'm going to do something like stop eating. It's physically impossible for someone like me to do that, believe me I've tried. So me and the gym are going to become close friends that see each other daily...

the gym better not cheat on me with someone else.

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