School was insanely boring. I'm not use to a wasted day, especially since I was mentally prepared to kick ass and take names. We "enjoyed" guest speaker after guest speaker and I even was on a conference call with "Be Nice" teams all over the US... boring. And the only way to make a boring day better is to have Golden Spoon for lunch right? :)

I'm surprised at myself today too. I sang for the new core and tried to jump all over my fears. It's nice to hear encouragement over a passion that has been mine for years. I was messing around on my computer earlier, trying to make acoustic versions of rap songs... it sounded more funny to say "shorty" and "hustlin" when you're a girl and trying to make it sound pretty, but it was all in fun. I think I was just trying to keep my mind busy and be patient, but I never was one to wait for what I've wanted.

Finishing up a delicious dinner and the rest of my chuck from last night. I think it is semi ridiculous that I am somehow getting use to the weather around here. I SHOULD NOT be cold at night here, not at all. I had soup for dinner... frickin soup. I cant wait to see what a wuss I am during the "winter".. and I didn't even bring my winter jackets. Silly me.

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