I love what a cliche girls days can be. Especially when you go against all odds of romance and purdy dresses.

Sarah and I went to get facials this morning, which by the way, IS NOT relaxing. When you have a retarded amount of zits, similar to my face, you get these sharp tools beating up your face. It feels awesome now, but not so much earlier! The we proceeded to go to a sports bar for lunch and Long Island Ice Teas. Our BLAT's (bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, Delicious) and sweet potato fries were amazing. Take note: one of my favorite foods is sweet potato fries with spicy BBQ sauce. So simple, yet will always make me happy.

I am also aware that usually girls watch sappy love stories, which in moderation is completely fine, but not our girl's day. We searched out FearNet to get a scary movie. Now last night I didn't sleep until 4:30am because Kylie, Kendra and I watched The Haunting in Connecticut. I really wanted to see Last House on the Left but we couldn't find it On Demand. So i figured, if I got it out of the way this afternoon, I'd sleep like a tiny toddler tonight. If I could remember the non-scary movies name, I wouldn't even publish it... because it was stupid. Just a reason for a director to show boobs and have siblings make out isn't my kind of flick usually. I'm aware the actors in scary movies aren't usually Academy Award winning actors, but Sarah and I laughed at them the majority of the time . After the LIT's started to wear off, we napped for an hour. Glorious. Now football, tacos, and skype for the remainder of this untypical girl's day <3


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