So I officially switched to Monday's at school. I'm more than uber excited about this, finally REAL weekends. I never thought I'd see the day :)

Last night we went to Perq's to enjoy a few of Sarah's friends play in their band. I knew it would be good when "Earl Had to Die" from the Dixie Chicks was their first song... and it wasn't a country band at all. They also had a guy come to blow up balloons for the audience which is a more amazing job than I anticipated. He made balloon penis' for the band members (dirty) and we got Homer Simpson and a monkey with a rather large penis. This guy seemed to be into that kind of thing. Better yet was the larger openly gay man who danced to every song. He hit David on the butt over 3 times, and was clearly intoxicated.

The Gay's I enjoy, but not so much this one. Very violent... we luckily left before I could encounter what he was capable of. What is it with "tough guys"? I'm so not attracted to men like that, there is no reason to start fights... although there are definitely a choice few I could think up that should get their asses kicked.

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