a few things perked up my day so far...

Leaving school early was the best thing I could have done today. When something you love turns into a hassle, there is a definite problem. I usually look my problems in the face and beat them up, but today I decided I could use my "anger" to kick my own ass at the gym. It worked. My legs want to crumble to the ground! I also came home and usually have my iTunes playing at all times... and Kelly Clarkson's newer CD just so happened to be on which put me in a great mood. I proceeded to dance around my room with my hairbrush and sing. Good thing my roomies hadn't gotten home from school/work :)

I also received my package from my online shopping. I was disappointed last week in my timing of my shopping rage, especially since my bail money is due next week. But no longer disappointed! They sent me a dress I didn't even order along with my other things, and didn't charge me... I can only assume I've been doing something right in my life that the higher powers wanted me to have this cute little number :P Plus the bill wasn't as high as I remember, so always a plus.

I'm interested in what else will come my way this evening, but I've already gotten the scissors out and started cutting off my jeans in hope for good weather to stick around for a little bit longer.. Let's hope I don't turn the scissors on myself for an "original" haircut...

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