So forewarning... if you don't wish to hear my story, you don't have to. But as I've grown in my life, I've always known it's better to look life in the face and never be scared of what others might think. I'm still battling that one myself, but I feel like this may be beneficial for some. This seemed like the right time because I recently had a dream that told me to let all past grief go. So here I will.

When I was 17, I was raped. As blunt as it might seem, this happens more times than it ever should. I was with someone who I thought was one of my friends because my boyfriend and I at the time had decided to break up because he was going away to college. I was clearly upset and this "friend" invited me over to swim and have lunch after summer school. I may have been naive as a high schooler, being in a tightly wound house and usually sticking to all of the rules, but I doubt anyone can say someone deserves something to happen to them. Regardless of any situation.

To skip majority of the details that are unimportant, and most because I dont remember, I had asked for a Sprite and was given something that tasted like Sprite... but clearly wasn't. I only knew this because I started feeling like I was out of my body. I couldn't say what I wanted to and at this point I had only figured what was happening.

I think the majority of people that are raped feel scared and I, like many, didn't do anything about it. I know now I should have stuck up for myself and made sure it didn't happen to the next girl, but I wont look back and blame myself for that. I can only hope that women will be more careful/aware and pray that God has something in mind for these people that can only be described as Monsters.



At October 12, 2009 at 12:26 PM , Blogger Jill said...

stephyyyy! that is so scary and terrible. nobody ever deserves something like that to happen to them- especially from someone they trust. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. at least you came out of the situation a strong, beautiful woman. so many people let situations like that dictate their lives and i'm really proud of you for not doing so. love you!


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