i officially have an interview at a restaurant near by my house! I am SUPER excited, because I've been looking forever. My horoscope even said I'd finally see some good change in my life. So far, my life has done more than enough to make me appreciate it in such a great way. But to even see myself having a job, sounds even better. I'm so lucky to have the things and people that I've accumulated over my 22 years. There isn't a day that I don't appreciate it. And maybe that's just because I know better than to think that God didn't have something to do with all of this.

Also, I'm not really sure about my Halloween plans either. Aunt Lisa might not be going anymore, and all though I'd love to see my dad, I'm thinking that I'd rather save money/make money. (and also find some time to make bad decisions.. it is Halloween!)

Power Sculpting not only kicked my ass.. it enabled me to let out any pent up anger out on my body, in a good way.

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