busy busy i have been. The funniest part, is I'm completely busy with things that I truly enjoy/love doing, which is kind of refreshing to my normal life. School today was suppose to be boring, with no clients in our books and just time to sit around and do NOTHING. Luckily we had our creative bubbles going, and gave each other "new do's" or styles. For normal people this sounds stupid or at least something that couldn't occupy someone for 7 1/2 hours... but for crazy hairstylist... it was a dream.

I heard something funny the other day from one of our speakers. She said that she's always being told how "crazy" she is, and that all hairstylist are crazy. She explained that all hairstylist probably are crazy and live such a fulfilling life because we already have the stereotype of having fun all of the time. She said she uses it to her advantage and really grabs life by the horns and doesn't let go. It made me laugh a little because I am usually called crazy at least 2 times a day. So I completely understand the crazy aspect, and quite enjoy it.

Although by the time I get home from school, I'm exhausted. And this has been only happening as of lately. Either I am lost on sleep or seriously work too hard (and I don't think it could be the second). I'm bored without a job, and need something to fill my time, and I can only go to the gym for so many times! I am seriously going insane without a job, and although I would be complaining if I actually had one.. at least I would be hoping on the money train. Please God, if I don't find a job soon, I might actually go crazy.

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