Luckily today has been overall a wonderful day. I'm 22 and happy about my next adventures in life. I got wonderful gifts from my family (Costco card!! Oh My Gosh!!) and enjoyed time with them. Now as I'm on my way out the door to meet my wonderful friends, I can't help but think about one thing. I had a little side-track. We went to dinner at my absolute favorite restaurant. It's just a tiny tapas restaurant close to my parents' house. To my surprise, there was a terribly familiar face that started walking to greet us at the door. Now my past is a novel in itself, but with so many words; I saw the person that temporarily ruined my life just a few years ago. Not only did I see him, he was our waiter. And was being all "chummy & buddy-buddy with my family". Regardless of who I am today, the strong person I think I am dwindled away for the hour & a half we were there. Even now, I'm more angry about the situation because I've given time to brew.

The rest of the night will not be wasted though, at least on stupid things like this. I plan on having my close friend "Vodka" near me all night to cheer me up.

Mother's Day is tomorrow, & I'm proud to say that my mom rocks.


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