My weekend (which starts on Saturday night for beauty school students like me) was suppose to be boring and time relaxing over a movie or two as I curled up tight in my bed. Although I was able to fit that in this afternoon, it was only due to the outrageous hangover I conceived during Saturday's shenanigans.

I am one that seems to party my ass off, and never wake up with a dazed and confused "what the F happened last night" kind of ordeal. I usually have the perfect blend of alcoholic choices (I'm a mixer) that should send me over the edge, but then again I can thank my college experience for 3 1/2 years that taught my body to fight off hangovers. My only evil, is just plain beer, and Saturday was loaded with pitchers among pitchers of Bud Light at Killarney's.

I love that bar. It is overly exciting on weekends when I could dance my entire night away with/without a drink, or spend my Saturday after school watching the USC game with my friends and fill up on my carbs. I met my roomies and the boys. I had fun, and rarely remember the last time I drank that much beer, but all in all, I paid for it today. I think I got through half of Boondock's Saints before I fell into a heavy sleep for 4 hours. Luckily my earlier Double-Double and Neapolitan shake was able to kick in and fully recharge my body by 5pm.

Tomorrow (or I guess today) I plan to have an entire day full of overly girly things with Sarah if she doesn't get called into work, and an absurdly long skype session when Bud gets home. I don't usually feel the need to girly myself out, but for the sake of great friends, I'd almost do anything. A round of pedicures and sappy love stories, please :)

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