We recently got cable.. well about 2-3 weeks ago. If I haven't already explained how much I love watching tv, I LOVE TV! I mean I fall asleep to it every night. I understand how ridiculous that sounds, but it's comforting. Before I had cable, I always listen to my ipod before bed... preferably The Postal Service. There is something about Ben Gibbard's voice that can put me into a deep sleep or turn into a sexy woman... (TMI?) Anyways, I find myself lodged in my room for hours just enjoying my reality tv friends, movies on HBO or anything on E!

Also.. drum roll... I GOT A JOB. Officially I am a working woman, which is something I can't even explain. I've looked for a job since August, and the fact that I found my job on craiglist the day before I went in for an interview is crazy enough for me. All of the time going from place to place wasn't even worth the effort. I can't believe what kind of lucky "roll" I've been on lately. I'm unaware of why I deserve this, when there are clearly more people that should be able to share the wealth with me. I shouldn't complain... because I am definitely grateful.

I think a "good job" fro yo is in my near future :)

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