The countdown has basically begun. Only a week until I move. It seems so crazy that I'm just picking up & leaving, but it feels awesome. I think I've been putting off a lot of things just because I know part of me is going to miss the Midwest (a very small part), mostly due to my family & friends. Though today has completely made me ready to leave, it's absolutely down pouring outside. Now I know it "rains" in CA, but I mean... common... not like this! I think when I finally do move, and my mom leaves from her week visit to move me out there, it's going to be a little sad. I feel it now partially, but I know that this is my dream & it's going to come true.

This summer I plan on doing tons of awesome things I wouldn't dare do, at least not Midwestern Stephanie. I get 166 hours of school I can miss for almost any reason, and I plan on making those reasons somewhat legit. I'm basically scared of any & everything that could partially be life-threatening. I some how put spiders in this same category, but that is even a mystery to me too. I will get over my fears, I mean isn't that something you should do in a new setting? I'm already in love with the outdoors, so I will make it official that I go hiking or road-trip on my weekends off. Which isn't even scary, but on those trips I'll force myself to do some sort of new thing; surfing, kayaking (... yup I'm scared of that), long boarding, etc. Also my cousin Mike thinks he'll trick me into riding a roller coaster. Now I'd like to see if he can even make me budge on that, but I'll consider it, even if my lunch ends up all over us.

I don't have to be a daredevil, and that's not what I plan, but I plan on having the time of my life and meeting all types of new people. Those 166 hours will be used wisely, or maybe not wisely, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it.


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