It is official... I have bought my very first car! My beautiful Saturn Vue is now my pride and joy. It definitely suits me well I think! I'm not one to name things that aren't living a breathing, but I am on my way to giving this roadster a quality name... TBD. Driving away from the lot today was so bittersweet, I couldn't be more excited but it also was the beginning of being a CA license plate holder. It's like my old life (aka Chicago) is slowly going away. I will ALWAYS keep my cell phone number though, or as long as I possibly can!

Sarah and David joined me for Sushi happy hour at RA. I could probably eat sushi EVERY DAY and the fact that it is 1/2 price on basically everything, it only gives me more reason to celebrate my favorite hour(s). And I have never been to a place that does $1 hot sake... I mean common, I have to order more than one at a time. It's just smart thinking. Also encountered my FIRST shake from Ruby's. All the beautiful Peanut Butter Cup Shake I could ask for was placed directly in front of me. That nice little waitress in the red/white striped dress knew exactly what I needed after a solid sake buzz. And ending a night with Nintendo Wii only leads to the reason of why I have such an amazing life.

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At September 1, 2009 at 8:09 PM , Blogger Erica said...

ah congrats so exciting!
and AHH good luck ! you live/attend school like 30 mins frm me, tops!
crazyyy :) x


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