I had another "big girl" adventure today after school. On to buy my first car (since my previous vehicle.. may it rest in peace... was a present on my 17th birthday) and I am not really into this bargaining thing. I don't even know how to play the "car game" with car salesmen, so I had my cousin David do the big business. This is the time i wish my dad was in CA with me. He's all about getting the best dealio. Tomorrow David is going to call and swap numbers with the guy and hopefully I will be picking up my car tomorrow! Although the accident isn't a good reason to be excited about a new car, I can't help it :)

I had such great plans for the evening, possibly watching Finding Nemo on the beach (jealous?) or bowling with my roommates and a few new friends... all of these wonderful things fell through. I might just be enjoying Talladega Nights via my computer due to my broken DVD player for just a few laughs. I think I caught myself quoting that movie at least 3 times today.

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