When I thought that California didn't have a bad bone in its body, it decided to get me into an accident. (Sorry CA, I know you had nothing to do with this!!!)

Saturday after school, I had already had a pretty rough day. Planned on skipping out on my diet for In-N-Out and party all night at my bonfire on the beach. I was rudely mistaken, and some higher power had other plans for me.

When I moved here I was pretty sure my significant allergies would pass, dry weather is just so much better than humidity, so I figured I was in the clear. My eyes watered and I felt a sneeze approaching. When I open my eyes, I saw a car within 10 ft of me, while I was still going 40 mph. Slamming on the breaks, expecting to literally die, and getting a facial from the airbags, came within a 2 second period. My car hit one car, who hit another car. TOTALED. I totaled my car on the way to one of my favorite fast food restaurants... most expensive burger i never had.

Saddest day of my life, and luckily no one was hurt, I already had a bad back, so I can't decided if the accident made it worse. Along with my neck. It is crazy what can happen to you when life takes over.

My wonderful cousin and his girlfriend came to the rescue and proceeded to at least keep some of my plans afloat. Drunk doesn't even come close to what I was... but now that I'm back to reality and already got back in the driver seat, I can't thank God and the people that mean so much to me enough. For now I will just keep my mind at ease by indulging in Season 2 of Big Love.

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