I have officially made my mark as a So Cal girl by moving into a beach house :) My friend Kendra from school invited me to stay (for a small price) in her house with her & her two friends until I need to move. A 10 minute walk to Huntington is one of the many great perks, although I've experienced an all over body burn just from the past two days. I guess I'm not as Mexican as I claim...

I also decided since I was making less money than I was spending at my job, that I would put in my two weeks, which in return made my boss mad, so he "fired" me. Typically what I've noticed about Orange County boys/men is that they enjoy having the last laugh. Case and point, and now back to the drawing board, time to find a new job.

Anyways, My house is awesome. We have two pit bull mixes; Ollie (9 months) and Lucy (8 months), and a cat. Not only am I known for bruising like a peach, it doesn't help that the dogs are in "we jump on anyone that's new" phase. I think people would believe I was mulled by a dog, or at least that's what someone told me at the beach yesterday. Not only is having my own/shared place bomb, I can also come and go as I please, which is different from how my grandparents place was. We had our "last supper" last night, and I could tell they were still upset that I moved. Honestly I feel so much less stressed, and I can actually use my computer because it OFFICIALLY hooks up to the Internet here. THANK GOD. Now we just need to get cable and I'm all set :)

This week is the beginning of our time "on the floor" at school, which all in all means "watch out, I might screw up your hair, but you signed a release form, so not my fault". I will die the first time I have to take a client, but it will only make me better... I hope.

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