So far my new place (and roommates) are amazing! Last night was Taco Tuesday, and I would never miss an opportunity to get cheap tacos and drinks on a school night. I am usually all about ground beef or chicken and maybe sometimes carne asada tacos, but I introduced myself to grilled shrimp tacos and was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be trying those out at home this weekend :)

Now that I actually have my own kitchen, I've been cooking all of my meals and putting my chef specialties up to the test. I'm really liking the Spicy Chicken with veggies that I've now had for 3 days in a row. I'm excited for Ground Turkey/Potato tacos that I will venture to try on Friday.

My roommate, Kendra, and I go to school together and we have a beach day on the 26th to cut hair for locals and to raise money for a good cause. Since it will still be bathing suit weather (side note: I don't think it will ever NOT be bathing suit weather here by the way...) we want to make sure we are extra fit! I am not a fan of working out, and I've even started the P90X work out with my friend Sarah, but I was proud of us today. We were at the gym for 2 hours, and not just lolly-gagging around, actually working my ass off (possibly literally). Beach day here we come!

Tomorrow is the first preseason game for the NFL and after school I'm meeting Sarah at the beach for more chances to be tan, and then off to the local hangouts for the game. SOOO excited for football to begin again. Off to shower from the gym, and take notes for our theory exam on Friday (I know, theory in cosmetology school sounds lame, but it's actually pretty interesting).

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