This weekend was eventful. Scott came to town and played on Main with David, Sarah, Kendra, and I. I will say, the hazy night I was searching for definitely happened. I felt so bad, and still do, about leaving my precious roomie all alone at a bar as i "ran" home with Scott. I do this amazing thing when I'm drunk, where running/skipping is always a better way to get home. This time I chose to run. It was fun otherwise, and we had amazing french toast the next morning at Sharkee's.

Sunday was spent enjoying the beach. That is one thing I will never get sick of. Since I was so deprived for YEARS among YEARS, all I want to do is be at the beach. Me and Christine were their for 5 hours, and I returned burnt. That is something I could live without, or possibly I will wear the proper SPF next time. Such a lazy Sunday.

Since my rental is up by the end of the week, I am in crazy mode to find a car. I test drove about 6 cars today and feel like I could have bought any of those cars. It's going to have to become more serious by tomorrow or Wednesday or I'll be walking to school every morning. Then I followed up the rest of my day with beach fun again, hoping it would respect me a bit more this time around. Met Sarah and little Hannah for boogey boarding and lots of laying out. Also enjoyed a PB&J. After going to the gym today and hearing about how bad sodium is for a diet, that will probably be one of my last yummy lunches. RIP PB&J :(

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