This past week was so crazy busy. The fashion show came and went fast, but it was absolutely amazing. We had almost like a porcelain goth look and I think I was the only model that had all of my clothes on. Me and a few of the girls from my school who were also in the show, stayed after and had a blast! I think it was a pretty successful night minus the fact that I lost a pair of my favorite ballet flats :(

I went to visit Kayla again and I will say nothing more of how we aren't "bad influences" on each other. We're so lucky Todd came and picked us up, because I vaguely remember starting a tab because the bartender looked like Justin Timberlake. Who wouldn't in their right mind spend tons of money to bring "Sexy Back"? And when beer pong changes to vodka pong at 4am, I can only imagine why we woke up and reeked of a hangover. Sunday we went night swimming after another regular visit to a Mexican Restaurant. I rarely go to eat anywhere other than Mexican Restaurants, regardless if the best Mexican food can be found at my humble abode. Nathan and I purposely try to go to every place we can find, I'll bring updates on the best places in central California.

Monday should have been a day of rest or possibly to look for another job, but it was spent right by the beach in Carlsbad to visit my other grandparents on their timeshare. I can never pass up an opportunity at the beach, plus I went sailing for the first time and actually got to "drive" the boat. I'm no expert but I could wear polo's and nautical stripes if I wanted.

I also got to be styled and on TV for BeautyTV by Ryan Secrest stylist in LA Wednesday. I feel like how the hell am I getting modelling opportunities while I'm in beauty school trying to be a stylist? But the perks are awesome, including being on TV. I'm sure many more opportunities will be coming my way just over the next year, i cant even imagine!

Off to school and then to watch the US Open for the first time :) I'm not necessarily a surfer girl, but I'll watch hot surfers do their thing any day of the week!

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