The week is slowly coming to a close. I have been keeping myself busy with school and job hunting and making new friends. I had an interview Wednesday night at Beachfront and it seems like I should be getting a call back from them on Monday! Although I would rather not work and make millions off a money tree, realistically the money tree doesn't exist :( I also made a game plan for school to basically whoop my ass into shape. I get so nervous with taking clients and I am always being hard on myself. I get to have a mentor in order to keep myself on track and really utilize my time at school. I think with a bit more self-confidence I will really make beautiful work at school!

My roommate introduced me to her close friends in HB. I am so used to have guy friends since I was young because I've normally been a tomboy. Once I grew up, I dolled up, but kept the same sex friends throwing a few girls into the bunch. To meet a few guys that are actually cool, in a non threatening way, was one of the best things that occurred recently. It's always comforting to have a guy around, almost like a protective base to lean on. I look forward to the trouble we will all be getting into after last nights shenanigans with "Gentleman's Jack".

This weekend will be rad with my friend Scott coming into town. I actually cleaned my room (which is a huge thing anyways, and it definitely needed to get done!) I haven't seen him since the 4th, and I would say that was one of my craziest weekends since I moved here. Scott was with me when I drunkenly got my last tattoo. Hopefully I wont talk myself into getting my next one while he's here, or be tipsy enough to do it on my own!

I am in the process of being inpatient for Bud to come back into town. Colorado needs to be closer to CA for many reasons, just minus the very cold temperatures.

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