I am a planner. I always have been... up until recently, all of the things I've planned seem to not go along the path. Since I've moved here I'm trying to ease up on the planning. This week was no exception...

I flew to Colorado on Monday morning after booking my flight Sunday night/Monday early a.m. It sounds crazy and random (which it was) but I went to visit Bud in Denver. More than a million stories have filled my memory from this trip. Although it seemed as if the "Gods" were out to get me at first (I barely made my flight, my luggage never made it on the plane, took me over 20 minutes just to find Bud at the airport) but the rest of the trip was smooth sailing. We had food and nature adventures in Boulder, Vodka lounge in Denver, every Will Ferrel movie possible and Gentleman's Jack during down time, and trying to chase storms. He asked me today if I "wished that these few days went bad so it would just be easier to cut things off between us". Does he read my blog?! Sad to say, and maybe not really sad, it was some of the best days since I moved. So it looks like a little more patience is all I'm going to need.

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