Since I have started my collection of tips at school (I know.. it's like money I never had!) I am making a list of the things I think I should spend said money on. We even tried to guesstimate how much we could make for the rest of our time at school, and it sure seemed like a lot! Also, this money will NOT be used to pay real things like loans, credit cards, rent, etc... unless I'm in a pinch. With that being said, here is my list of wishful thinking:

(1) Camera - and not just another digital camera like my last one (R.I.P.) but one I could actually use to try my talent in photography. I love taking pictures, and yes, have found myself taking pictures of me just because I like to look at my different features (I'm also somewhat vain... so shoot me). But to actually take photos of everything that I could maybe hang up one day and say "yeah I did that". I've been looking into what ones are good and decently priced... so I've set my heart on either Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, Fuji FinePix S2000, or Olympus Evolt E520. I've estimated that this could be a pretty penny... but not too pretty of one.. so I would still have money for..

(2) A Plane Ticket - since this seems to be what I will actually use my first dollars on, it seems feasible to put it on the list. I'll definitely go visit Bud again before I graduate, plus I need to see this "glorious snow in Denver" and how it's "not the same as Chicago". And possibly learn how to snowboard/fall down a hill gracefully. Although I probably wont believe it until I see it, it's worth the trip.

(3) Studio Time - although this seems stupid to many, I want to really get myself into a studio and jam. I love how I feel when I sing, plus I've always wanted to record myself. Even if it's just covers, I'm so down.

(4) ETC. - if there was any money actually left over, I'd use it towards Sarah's birthday festivities (cruise or mountains in February) and maybe a quick vacation once I graduate (if I can seriously wait that long)

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