We rocked the Karaoke scene tonight... absolutely rocked it.

It is Christine's birthday, and since there should never be a reason NOT to celebrate such a day, we partied. Dinner along with beer/shots and singing. Although we were the ONLY people in Hero's for a while, I started us off with a little "Ironic" by Alanis and the party began. I think if I could enjoy any job, it would be to sing karaoke professionally probably. I love how I feel with a mic in my hand and just swaying to the beat of another person's story. Even Christine had her first karaoke song, and ROCKED it. I love what great friends my roommate's have become to me. I have slightly the best luck with roommates since I was in college, not a bad one yet.

Tomorrow is a fashion show I am modeling in for one of our graduation's after school. It's circus themed and even just with practicing make-up and hair, I am very excited for the photo's that come out from it. Since my speciality is "big" hair, I will be helping out with the process of teasing/ratting/back-combing our hair. I love what opportunities come from just being a student at school.

For my other life, a week is going to be a long time without conversation my friend... a long time.

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