The fashion show was a success :) I actually opened the show, so that was a little nerve-racking but regardless we all had an amazing time. Me and my friend Marisa were models for Abby because she was graduating. We had a "circus" theme initially, but it almost turned into a dark rag doll kind of look. Being at school for over 12 hours though took a lot out of me. We also had to be back at school 12 hours after the show ended... yuck.

Yesterday after school, I met my friends Ben & Steven at a pool party to test out a new beer. There friends from Colorado (small world) want to eventually start their own brewery, but for now are making recipes for us to rate. I am definitely one who likes to try more unique types of beers instead of just a Bud Light. In college we would go to a local bar and try their best beers... and they were never from Anheuser Busch. The beer was actually pretty good, but quite strong (I think 10% roughly). Although last night was my roommate, Christine's, birthday party... I only made it through about 30 minutes of it due to my over consumption of beer earlier :)

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