So to not out do myself getting into all kinds of trouble, I got hit by a car today. I was riding my bike home from the gym and a lady pulled out of an alley and BAM. It's funny because I was recently talking about how I'd like to lightly get hit by a car so I could sue and not have to get a job. Lucky me, I seem to be getting exactly what I ask for... too bad I didn't ask for Gerard Butler. And since I bruise like a peach, I can already see the formation of several bruises.. GO ME!

Tonight I'm on my way to visit Sarah for some sushi and fun. I'm definitely ready to hangout and hopefully hot tub. Plus I've never turned down some AYCE sushi...

Also, to update on my workout craze... I'm kickin ass and takin names... I can't wait to see results, but I'm sure enjoying the endorphins.

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