I have a goal. I will have a rockin' bod by the end of June. Now I wish I could have one by tomorrow, but I'm going to try and be realistic. This is not just something I've come up with, and I am aware of what I will look like next to the California Bombshells already (help me God), but so far I look the same after working out for months. Except I can run a lot farther than before.

I figure I will just run myself silly & do the p90x that my friend Savannah told me about. Thank goodness for Limewire, because I am downloading those asap, for free. I am constantly stealing music from that bad boy, and could possibly be outing myself to the CIA as we speak. But I love it. Supposedly, Demi Moore is all about p90x too... haha. And I will not even touch a dessert. Goodbye my sweet tooth, bring me a bowl of fruit! Alright, well maybe ONCE a week. This may sound durastic, but this planet surrounding my core is durastic as well. Soon I will be beach bound and looking smokin' like Alessandra Ambrosio (Minus the belly ring, so 5 years ago).



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