It's official. My sweet baby "aka my car" is shipping off to California today. It's filled with a lot of my things, so I'm already partially in California as we speak. Too exciting. Today I plan on packing basically ALL my clothing. This could become a problem, because half of my clothing is dirty (like I said, laundry is no bueno) and I never know what I'm going to wear. Even if it's only for 3 days... I can't just pick out 3 outfits and that's it! I also packed ALL of my swimsuits. ALL. And they are in my car, under EVERY item we packed. So I suppose I will be making a visit to Target to get a new bathing suit when I get there. The car wont be in California for 9 days from now, so I'm pretty sure we will be getting a car there for the week. It's weird because it still doesn't really feel like I'm moving. It's like 3 days & counting but I feel like I'm going on an amazing vaca that may end up being for a while.

Luckily, my family & the people I have met will keep me occupied. And a few of my really good friends are planning visits already! Without a set place of my own, we'll postpone those trips, but once I'm a first time home owner, let the party begin! Things I still have to get done before I move include:
1. Laundry
2. Packing & weighing suitcases with clothing
3. Finding a place for all of my toiletries
4. Cleaning up my room for the padres, construction starts in T minus 2 weeks for our house
5. Print out my Resume

The BBQ was a blast last night, I'm glad that my few close friends made it! I think the Too Much Sangria + the Large Amount of Guac = Me in a Hungover/Food Coma. Also, as sad as this is, my hands are KILLING me from the "band" getting back together. The "Cradle Robbers" played for hours last night :) Hopefully these pains will end soon, so I can get outside for a run.


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