Now is the time for me to stop enjoying this so called "free" time, and start looking for a job. I'm sadly seeing my money deplete (very fastly I might add) from my bank account. Since I've waitressed so much, I usually enjoy having too much cash on me. Today, I have 10 dollars in my wallet, and it's looking very lonely by it's self. I know the job market is slow everywhere, but I'm going to use what God & my parents' gave me, even if it just gets me in the door :) Then my amazing talent (haha) as a waitress or my references can do the rest.

Today, I'll apply at 8 different places close to school & my current residence. Hopefully they will just hire me on the spot, but more realistically, I'll be out again tomorrow applying at 5 more places a little farther away. It seems so rediculous, but I've never really gone to an interview. Either I knew the owner/manager well enough that they didn't even bother asking me questions, or one of my friends slip their name to get me a job. So (1) being in a new place and (2) having to have a REAL interview, scares the crap out of me. I'm sweating bullets even now just thinking about it. Hopefully the normal rejection wont get my spirits down, because I will have a job by next week, no matter what. Wish me luck!



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