I have been super busy! (plus my Internet on my computer doesn't work..sad)
but I'm here, finally :) Sunny California welcomed me well, and so far this was the best thing to happen to me yet (minus my ipod dying on me the first day I get here) We've spent so much time on looking at places and making offers, I am just hoping that everything will eventually fall into place. There is so much about the real estate business I never knew, but I've been quick to find out that with the market the way it is, I'll be lucky when I finally get a place of my own. My room in my grandparent's place has almost been completely finished. Once my car gets here (if it ever does!!) I will officially be moved in to my temp housing. It's a pretty good deal to just make dinner once a week as rent! I haven't done much of the crazy, outdoorsy, fun, exciting things yet. I'm still worried about finding a job or how long it will take to get to school with traffic! school starts in 2 weeks from Tuesday, I am just super excited. Finally being able to get to start beauty school is amazing. Its less surreal and more real than it has been in the past now that I'm officially a California Resident.

My recent goal has been to get my aunt to be excited about working out. I signed up at 24 hour fitness (biggest loser here I come!) and they have tons and tons of classes to go to. We both went to a "Zumba" class, which is more or less like Salsa/Reggae dancing with cardio. I felt like I was at the club! haha. It was also my cousin David's Grad party so me & my roommates (ha) went to congratulate him. Luckily he already has a career, but it's so exciting to see friends/family accomplish their goals. Next year around this time, I'll be throwing myself a party for my graduation :) here & at home probably.

Lakers won last night after a crazy close game. It must have been from the family putting on every type of Laker apparel/souviner that we owned, including a Lakers pancho. Yes, We are so mexican.

I do miss my friends though, even though I only saw most of them the few weeks before I left. I hope to have a lot of visitors once I get my own place, lots of parties! But until then, I'll just soak up the sun & enjoy the non-humid run in my near future.

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