Yesterday was filled with great things, as I have come to find out, all things in California are great. Even the Bud Light tastes better, as I found out last night. We went to look at more condos and visit one of my favorite restaurants in Cali, Wahoo's Fish Tacos. If you've never had the chance to taste the glory that is Wahoo's... you're definitely missing out! Plus me & my aunt are making it our new happy hour with their $1.85 beers of the month. It's funny to think I paid $1.50 for an iced tea!

I also am in the process of finding a new church. I figure it can get my head clear at the end of the long weeks ahead of me. Plus I'm a sucker for good music, good people, and a good word. So far I've at least found a good option. I've also come to find out that we drink at all times of the day here. Sangria for lunch, Bud's during the game, Margs at night, more Bud's during Mortal Kombat the video game. It's so funny, and so amazing at the same time... especially when my grandparents (aka my roomies) are the ones to start all this nonsense.

I was able to get out of the house to visit with my cousin David & meet his girlfriend. I'm not great at pool, but we sure played a lot of it. And we even beat David.. once! And if I've ever felt so old for being 22, was during the lame excuse for a "frat" party. I got in trouble every time I called it a Frat and not a Fraternity. So Cal Frats are So Lame. Plus they all looked about 18 years old and didn't even have a keg. I guess that somethings I don't care to get use to, especially since I could care less about Greek Life (no offense). After we left, the 3 hours worth of Mario Kart & Mortal Kombat definitely made up for the lameness. Especially now that I know the special moves for Sub Zero & Scorpion.

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