Well at least the search for jobs have begun. Only one final interview though, which isn't bad considering I'm competing with about 700 other kids my age for serving jobs. Crossing my fingers that this one will work though, totally cool brewery place less than a minute from my gma's. All the great beer I can't even dream of, they even have a great cider for my more girlie days!

Last night I went with my cousin Jamie and our new friend Sarah to get our drink on, but also enjoy the Dodgers beat the Cubbies. Such a sweet victory! Things for sure got out of hand when we received shot after shot from some "secret admirer's" (funniest thing we find out it was actually Sarah all along, just trying to get us drunk I assume). After good beer & good food, we were off to Karaoke. Sarah didn't make it pass the happy hour, so me & my cousin rocked the bar. I of course karaokes. It's my favorite thing to do ever, hands down. After a little bit of bring back No Doubt (which would be actually awesome if they made some new stuff!) we made our walk home in the what I can only describe as "the worst weather I've seen in California yet". Sprinkling, Cold weather, Yuck. I'll look forward to a nice day in the near future.

Now off to watch the Lakers hopefully take tonight, and bring us to the finals :)

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