I have found out how bad my sense of direction really is. It has made a normal 1 hour trip to San Bernardino into between 1 1/2 to 2 hours, possibly more. Especially on my way home this morning... I ended up on a dirt road in a small town going towards San Diego (don't ask me how). Luckily my new phone has Google Maps on it, so it somehow brought be back to the OC.

This weekend I went and visited my friend Nathan, which was totally bomb. We went to one of his friends, I met in Vegas, house for a BBQ and to watch UFC. Now I am not a fan of UFC, not really even a little, but I do know that I can deal with it in order to hang with the guys. It was actually cool because we were betting on matches, and I happen to be quite lucky when it comes to gambling, so all of my guys won :) I gave myself a whole new cool level to the guys (2 points for me!) After we just crashed at his house because being completely drunk for 2 hours and then sobering up for 4 really takes a lot out of you.

We went off roading in the Jeep Sunday afternoon in hopes to go shoot my first real hand gun, but no firearms during fire season :( I don't know if I can handle all of that power of having a gun, but I'm definitely considering it when I move into my own place. Next time I'm there, we'll find a way around "fire season" or just go to an indoor shooting range. But it was awesome just being outside and holding on for dear life around the sharp corners over the cliffs, plus we found an awesome place to camp for one of the next times I'm around there.

This week I'm getting ready for the hair show, we did the run through and fitting today. My dress is pretty cool, its white strapless dress made of sparkly tool fabric. Kind of like a princess dress but hits like right above my calves (can't wait to get pictures after the show). Anyways it's totally cool and I've never been a model in a show before. I get my hair colored tomorrow and then the shows on Thursday. Since I wont be wearing heels (Thank God!) I wont have any problem with falling, wish me luck otherwise though!

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