School is going so quickly, we're only 3 full weeks away from being "on the floor". Without knowing what that means; its just starting to cut/color/style REAL peoples hair. No more mannequin heads for me!

I went to All-You-Can-Eat Sushi tonight.... AGAIN. Is it possible to love something so much that it is actually worth the AYCE price? Me and my friend Sarah always go, and make poor decisions by eating and drinking our socks off. It was great though, definitely time to catch up (which is ALWAYS necessary) and just have fun. I barely work either, so it's semi lame when I have to pay the bill! I think when I asked for 3-4 shifts per week, they thought I meant 1 REAL shift, 1 on call shift, and 2 imaginary shifts. Which would be cool if I actually didn't need a job...

I think I'll be looking for jobs at the start of next week!

Monday is the dress rehearsal of the Hair Show I'm walking in, which I'm too excited for. I really hope I get to keep the vintage black & white dress to add to the collection of dresses I wish I owned. I just hope I don't trip and fall, and I really didn't start any sort of work out for this kind of thing. NO BUENO.

Also, on a side note, I was always wondering when the day would come. I suppose today, July 10th 2009, was the day. My ex "un-friended" me on Facebook. I guess that means we are now not friends anymore, because of course Facebook rules the world. I'm sure I will never understand Facebook's importance... ever.

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