I am such a procrastinator, I keep telling myself to update my life on my blog. I never get around to getting on the computer because I am honestly having the best time of my life! No time for any computers! I even update my facebook on my Palm before I go to bed.. or any other time I have.

Ok so can't remember the last time I wrote on here, but what I do remember (vaguely) is the absurd amount of things I did over the past 2 weeks. I snuck to Vegas a few weekends ago, which doesn't sound ridiculous other than the fact that I played hookie from school and work (whoops, cat's out of the bag). Thank God I went though, because I had the time of my life! I got invited the day before by one of the people I met at my cousin's wedding, so I had to jump on the opportunity to let loose, especially in Vegas! Thank goodness that my cuz Kayla was there because I soon came to find out what a "Lame" (because I can't publish worse words) this person was. All I have to say is what happens there was definitely suppose to stay there, but it followed me home like a lost dog, and I didn't mind it. (if I could be less vague I would be, all of these metaphors for what I really happened are too funny to stop)

Anyways, I've gone out on a couple dates just to not be self depriving, and the first guy was a "trekie" which would be cool if I was into that (by the way, I'M NOT) so luckily I've had better luck the second time around. I think it's so awkward the first time you go on a date in forever, because I honestly don't remember what dating is suppose to be like because I'm always in relationships. But it's fun and I'm learning just to not take it so seriously.

The fourth of July was less memorable only for the small reason that I was overly drunk. What I do remember is: a Luau at Seau's Restaurant in SD, Drunk McDonald's and In-&-Out runs, Staying in a hotel I didn't pay for, BBQ at THE Junior Seau's beach house, Playing football with the SD Chargers and dislocating my finger in the process, Jumping in the ocean on numerous occasions, Kayla getting a black eye... somehow, Cases of Patron & Belvedere, Pacific Beach with my friend Scott, Hawkeye bar in PB, Fireworks & Fire Throwing circus freaks, Dodgers vs Padres game, $1000 tab after the game (thank you Uncle Sal!), beach day to get back to reality! I honestly can't believe that all of this occurred during one weekend and that we actually have pictures to document it.

Anyways, School is so bomb and everything is just falling into place. The dream board I made is actually on the way to coming true from what I can see. I can't wait for the weekend to go visit Kayla & Nathan to just relax all over again :)

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