Dear Sprint,

How are you today... What's going on? You couldn't possibly be trying to send me my phone yet, or else I would have already had it in my two hands that are currently giving you the double middle finger. Is there a reason or plan you have for not sending me it yet? Is it to prove a point of how silly human-kind looks for depending on a device less than a pound in weight? Or did I possibly do something to deserve this? Maybe I've been too lucky lately, and it was just my time? These are all questions that are LEGIT and need to be answered soon. How many more times are you going to ask me what my shipping address is? I've told you approximately 5 times... maybe more. How could you be too busy to send me a phone that I asked for more than a week ago? I had to wish my poor mom a "Happy Birthday" today through an email. How sad is that? Now I know she didn't deserve that, she's a saint!! (Anchorman reference) Plus, I'm sure that the few friends I have miss my inappropriate and silly messages or pictures I send. And I haven't even been able to update my "Year in the Life" pictures.... I CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT MY PHONE (how pathetic). I'll shape up my attitude if you just send me my GD phone.

Love, Stephanie

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