today was Free Hug day at PMTS. All school's nationwide went out today to give magic to everyone. Winn Claybourn even showed up to show his support for the event. Although some were skeptical of our motives, many enjoyed hugs from each and everyone of us. I mean, how could you turn down a group of people with "FREE HUGS" signs? I honestly can not think of something better, and wished I could give all of my friends and family hugs because I miss them dearly. Winn also said that we should treat every person we come in contact with as if they have a tag stating "Will you make my day?" and constantly create magic. I hope I do that to most already, since I am quite the daymaker. But I will encourage myself even more.

Since today is my free day from work, I enjoyed the gym with Kendra and a delicious dinner. I STILL have seen no results from this so-called "working out". I believe it must be some sort of myth...

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