I have been lazy lazy this weekend. Thank goodness. I'm getting a chance to finally breathe after working and school. I'm excited to be busy because it will keep my mind from wandering all over the place. Plus it's something I honestly love. When I'm not busy, I wish I was. work-o-holic much?

Yesterday Sarah and I enjoyed HB's soccer game (and she whooped by the way) and her brother and his fiance's wedding shower. They are the sweetest couple, and Sarah was giving them such a hard time! I am very excited for their Nov. 7th wedding... I honestly can't say that many people don't enjoy weddings. This one will need a flask though, with the small amount of booze that will be served. I could never understand why people have DRY weddings, other than for religious reason's I guess. But even then, I don't think I would deprive my guest of a good time even if I didn't agree with it. I'm just saying...

After the shower, Sarah and I enjoyed scary movies and sweet tea vodka lemonades all evening. A late run for Mcy D's and Cherry on Top was definitely necessary. Plus we were hungry-ish. Today will include studying for my shift Monday night, and finishing my laundry. I surprisingly can see my floor now... last night was another story, but there are NO clothes on my floor. Maybe I will keep this room clean forever, maybe.

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