I've had such fun these last few days. It's insane how much I really enjoy school. If you would have asked me last year or even anytime before, if I'd ever love something this much, I would have thought you were crazy. We started the kick off for our "Caper" event, which is an amazing opportunity to work with and learn from the best of the best in hair. John Paul will even be there (YAY!) which I can't even believe. We get to take hands on classes and also have a huge "white" party one of the nights. Oh have I forgot... it's in VEGAS at CEASAR'S PALACE. My God, do I deserve this...

We did skits upon skits today to get everyone excited for the event. I know I am.. but it's all the way in February. I definitely have some time to get even more excited. I work the next few days, 3 to be exact. I would love if I had a chance to go to Halloween parties, but I'm game with making some money instead. We are even allowed to dress up at work, it's funny though because our boss wants us to dress "sexy". What man doesn't want that... because I rarely know any? Which is fine, I think sexiness can be in so many different ways other than just how you dress. I'd like to think I am that different kind of sexy, because I don't fit the regular mold, which I'm totally down with. I think the sexy that men appreciate is confidence, funny and a lot of smiling. I think I make fun of myself more than I am funny, but almost there :)

I'm ready to relax and completely wrap myself in a blanket. It is FREEZING here, well cold for California, and I am definitely not ready for that. Who would have thought I would be using seat warmers out here...


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