i normally go to school to kick butt and do some awesome color placement on a client. Today was not what I'd say was either. Guest Speakers are usually in the morning on Wednesday. They have been recently pretty legit, and I enjoy watching people who enjoy doing the same thing as me. This morning ended up being busy work, and we did a "scavenger hunt" which ended up taking 30 minutes for the 3 hours we had booked out for. Took a long lunch and indulged at Target. I think it is completely reasonable for a 22 year old to buy Hello Kitty collectible figurines for $7.99.....

It was my wifey's birthday today. He turned 20 and was complaining about how he "was in his twenties". What a pity... he's got 9 more years to enjoy them. After we returned from lunch, we had two guest speakers. If I would have know I would be watching a bad start to a porno, I would have probably not come back from lunch. (You know, the terrible acting scene to "set up" the plot of a porno... isn't the plot the extremely overacting of sex? Completely off subject). The guy speaker called the woman speaker "honey" and then talked about his ex wife while she cringed. The they bantered back and forth like it was foreplay. I can only assume the woman was the mistress during his ex-marriage... I'm just saying...

When I couldn't take any more of it, I left school early to relax and try to get the thought of old people "getting it on" out of my head. I went to work and enjoyed at least kicking butt there. I should be on the schedule making REAL money at the beginning of next week. (whoop there it is). It was crazy though, because I swore I saw Bud's dad eating at the restaurant with 3 other people. I've only seen pictures of him, so I couldn't be sure... but I swore it was him. I almost took a secret picture just to send it to him to ask... it was much easier to just check his credit card when they paid. I was glad to find out it wasn't, because I'd rather not be introduced while I'm sweaty from working at the restaurant. And without Bud there.

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