I can't wait for two days. TWO DAYS! I've been cleaning my room and doing my laundry and getting things planned. Although I am working, I will make this trip worth it. I have two more days of school and he's here.

Tonight, Kendra, Christine & I went to In-&-Out for our roomie dinner. It's really nice to get along with them so well and I just always get lucky with roommates. My first roommate at Iowa, Jessica, was the first time I had a random one. She was amazing and we got along so well regardless of the fact we came from entirely different backgrounds and areas. Even when I lived in a house full of girls (sorority) I still enjoyed my roommate, Cindy, and always had a great time with her. Once I dropped out of the sorority, I moved in quickly with 3 girls I had never met. They were also the most amazing girls I'd ever met, and even helped throw me a party when I turned 20. I think I'm just lucky, because I'm positive I haven't had a bad roommate left.

Also, I've found I have an extremely dangerous amount of love for the show "Glee". I find myself singing along with their stupid but awesome renditions of popular songs. Maybe because I secretly wished my school had a group like that... I would have definitely been the loser girl with the killer voice.. haha.

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