I have finally gotten sick. thank you mother nature and all that CA was suppose to NOT be like. I turned my heated seats on yesterday, and when I finally get out of bed, today I will too. No school for me, I'm sick as a dog. Is it possible to get rid of a cold/sinus infection in 8 hours or so?

I lost my keys yesterday, so this is day two of not going to school. I'm slightly disappointed in myself, but I have next week. And make up hours with design team. Chris picked me and Christine up for lunch and fro yo yesterday. He's the best wifey ever... especially because of the fro yo. One of my FAVORITE things ever. Christine said her work makes cakes out of gelato... good enough for me. I think I will make a holiday up so we can celebrate Gelato style.

John Elway came to Cucina Alessa last night. I remember watching him when I was little and hearing my dad and his friends cheer for him. It's weird to think I see people like that all the time here, and never once when i lived in Chicago. I did see Michael Jordan once though.

My tip "cat" my mom sent me is starting to get full. I think soon I'll be able to get to use some of it to fly to CO to see Bud. It feels like it's been forever, but surprisingly not as difficult as I expected. I think tomorrow sounds good to me, but realistically... November.

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