Last night was so amazing. I was able to let go of my low feeling, and just try to have fun. Kendra broke up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago. She's felt a million things since then, and I promised to take her out and be her "wingman" and let her have a good time. I didn't necessarily want to go out, right now I was wanting to just embrace my inner hermit crab and lay in my bed. Good thing her good mood got me out, we had a blast. Since I drove us, I maybe didn't have that kind of fun but we danced all night. It was funny and kind of weird for me for guys to flock to us. I mean with Kendra and Liz, what did I expect, but it was fun. Guys would come up and exclaim how intimidating tall beautiful women were. It gave me a kind of confidence I haven't felt in a while. I haven't been out in over a few weeks, with work and everything and I am just feeling too exhausted. But...

we've already made plans to go out again tonight after I'm done with work. I hope it isn't raining again, but I'm ready for whatever the night brings!

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